PWR BTTM Allegations

If you keep up with music news at all, like seriously at all, you’ve probably heard about the PWR BTTM allegations. The band’s lead singer, Ben Hopkins, has been accused of sexual abuse and anti-semitism. The latter had been partially dealt with a couple years back when an old picture of the singer resurfaced from … More PWR BTTM Allegations

lil band: Fatkid

Hey dirtbags, grab your flannels and fix up your middle part because we’re going for a spin around town in mom’s new station wagon!!!! AWH YES, we are back, buggin’ in the 90’s and it’s the bomb. Feeling angsty we crank up our stereo in our room when fricken dad tells us to turn it … More lil band: Fatkid

Top 5 Albums

I feel as though every music journal shares their top five favorite albums at some point or another, so I’ll join this bandwagon (PUNPUNPUN) and treat you to some delicious tunes. 1. The Riptide – Beirut  What can be said to describe this album…wow. Opening with A Candle’s Fire, Beirut gives us a sense of hope … More Top 5 Albums