lil band: Weston Smith

In his first solo narrative, Northern Virginia native Weston Smith explains his readiness to pack up and get the #*!@ out of his homeland and let his dreams do the driving. Asking for his happy memories to stay and getting aggravated at his painful memories that haunt him, Weston Smith is setting the stage for how his first album, Making Memories, will be a ride into the future together. While at first listen his music seems sad, WS is more showing his hope for an eventful future. Which is certain to be coming for him following the release of his first full album, Making Memories, in August!WS.7_25

WS is a one man synth-pop and folk band, however the sound that flows out of your speakers while listening to him makes it sound like there is a sea of futuristic little alien-fairies playing tiny harpsichords and singing together harmoniously. As you’re floating with these intergalactic friends you find yourself not lonely among these strangers, but comforted by their kind melodies and melancholy voices. Perfect for summer joy-rides, or as your sleepytime songs, this album will certainly be on repeat for ages.

Take a listen to Weston Smith’s first ever released single, The Window, and do not forget to check in on August 12th for the rest of the album!



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