Top 5 Albums

I feel as though every music journal shares their top five favorite albums at some point or another, so I’ll join this bandwagon (PUNPUNPUN) and treat you to some delicious tunes.

1. The Riptide – Beirut 
What can be said to describe this album…wow. Opening with A Candle’s Fire, Beirut gives us a sense of hope for previously feared expeditions. In this hope we are able to pass over frightening barriers and dark chasms, finally being led out to the land we had aimed for. Beirut_7.28With it’s lit gates shining before us, we enter this purlieu for angelic feelings and indulge in its radiance. In a sudden turn we see our love has grown weary of this sanctum, and wants to be freed from its alluring jollity. Payne’s Bay follows this leaving and tries to trick the lyrics into sounding happy with major chords from accordions and trumpets. The latter half of the album is a hymn to our love; asking for the return and kindly idolizing the harmonious being once held close.

2. Don’t You – Wet
A touching, moving, awe-inspiring masterpiece; there are few other words that can accurately portray the complexity which is Kelly Zutrau’s innermost thoughts. Following the end of a relationship in which she felt lonely and trapped, Kelly finds herself more alone than ever before and is crying out for her once love to take her back. Moments wet_7.28described in this memoir are nothing short of unsettling. “When you say you’ll never leave me, know that it’s all in vain.” All that was being asked was to be genuinely loved, instead of kept for amusement and empowerment. Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl No More is the most polite break up ever composed. Kelly loves him, but knows she must love herself more and explains her need to disappear from his side. Weak is a follow-up phrase, describing how weak Kelly has grown due to the relationship. In her fear and lonely moments she asks for her masked love to stay. Swaying to and fro, the storm of emotions in Kelly’s head has taken control of the music. She cannot stand being lonely, and feeling as though she is so feeble that she has given up. However the trauma plaguing her mind keeps her self-control in check and Kelly lingers on into her next life.

3. Currents – Tame Impala
A self-indulgent godsend, Currents is the rewiring of Kevin Parker’s brain after an implied life changing event. You don’t listen to this album alone. It is a trip through the universe with Parker and all the other souls he has weaved into each line of the songs. Nangs is the first step out into this shimmery gulf, bringing us to a dream-like state. Free floating in currents_7.28.jpegsome collective conscience we shrug our shoulders as to say ‘why not’ as we are asked to change our mentality to expand our horizons. Following the excitement, we are suddenly afraid to take the initial steps to acquire this wanted pleasure. In being molded, we are told to learn to let go of the past and our complexes which are keeping us from growing. We are constantly reminded of the ever-changing seasons, rip tides, and patterns which we have never dug deep into. Up to personal interpretation, the album trails off, leaving each explorer asking if they have what it takes to genuinely change or if they are going to give in like the rest and say f*%# it, letting life run its predisposed course.


4. Government Plates – Death Grips
In all honesty I do not have very artistic words for Death Grips. Clearly I thoroughly enjoy dg_7.28.jpegtheir  music seeing as this album has made my top five, but I am unable to explicitly describe the reasons I favor the album. There are many twists and turns from anger-induced drumming and cursing to glistening futuristic strumming. For me, Death Grips is exciting. I believe that is the best way I can describe my feelings without sounding as though I am bullshitting you. I listen to them when I run, or in the morning walking to class, often before I test if I need to be energized I really crank the volume. There are many beat break-downs sprinkled throughout the album that assist in lifting the mood as you are on the brink of feeling overwhelmed by the splashes of red, nasty green, and midnight black entering your mind. I’m going to cut myself short in my description and just ask that you open your mind slightly and take a listen, that is my only request.

5. Trick – Alex G.
A more personable album than others on this list, Trick to me is a comfort album. I am brought relief in listening as I can hear the fear another faces in day-to-day life, but is able to fully function nonetheless. Some songs have opposing details being displayed trick_7.28.jpegsimultaneously, with lyrics being saddening but instrumentals having a certain charm to
them that keeps our head well above the water, and vice versa. A few times in the scatter-brained story a big “F YOU” is displayed on the exterior, as to show outsiders to lay off and keep their ridicule to themselves.To break the tension, satirical pieces are showcased following these anger snaps, because what is the point in letting ourselves get too big for our britches. Ending with Clouds, a hush falls as to quiet our mind from the pent-up emotions that have finally flowed out. In one of the most heavy-hearted goodnights ever whispered, Clouds lets us fade into sleep as Alex takes on this emotional burden so we need not worry any longer.



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