Why DIY?

In recent pop culture there has been a growing number of bands referred to as underground/hipster/indie/etc., but what does this really mean? Well 1) I have to say that if you refer to music as “hipster” honestly stop. If you are talking about an artist or band that is not very well-known, try saying “up-and-coming” or “independent” if they record on an independent label, such as Sub Pop records or Glassnote Records. Now that I have that out of the way, I can talk about the bands I actually want to focus on: those lil do-it-yourself, playing in basements and small bars, self-labeled as idiot bands.

DIY_8.2With most representation found in college towns and the skunk-smelling apartments in large cities, DIY bands are experiencing their own cultural break through. By hosting sober parties at their houses to debut music or putting together benefit concerts for those in need, your local small bands are doing more than just hacking out sounds with their hands and mouths. In attending shows or buying albums you could be donating to a kid’s gas fund, an organization’s policy change, or simply a band’s ability to continue to pursue a musical career. You can scout DIY bands using bandcamp, soundcloud, college radio websites, or check out showcases at local venues!

Another genre of DIY that has expanded exponentially these past couple years is EDM. With many people having access to mixers and sound board almost anyone could release hit tunes, that is if they have the talent to do so. DJs such as this, I feel, are more providing exciting tunes to share with friends at social gatherings, however this does not at all take away from the importance of supporting this art. Imagine you’re throwing a birthday party and not only do you not have to worry about making a playlist, but your close friend has made an entire mix from scratch just for the occasion. How gnarly is that man c’mon. There is certainly no harm in searching around your friends social media to see how their musical aspirations are doing.¬†

It is important to recognize the DIY music community and show support, because I don’t think we need to keep feeding the very interesting dialogue that Kanye and Taylor have created with their¬†very interesting top 100 music. *overplayed beeps and boops ensue*

~shoutsouts to Slow Clover for letting me use their picture as this cover photo~


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