lil band: Fatkid

Hey dirtbags, grab your flannels and fix up your middle part because we’re going for a spin around town in mom’s new station wagon!!!!

AWH YES, we are back, buggin’ in the 90’s and it’s the bomb. Feeling angsty we crank up our stereo in our room when fricken dad tells us to turn it down. Ugh as IF! Dad it’s Fatkid it’s totally slammin.

fatkid2.7_26Fatkid is a Chicago based idiot-metal, rock & roll band comprised of four weird kids that let their mouths screech out what all our melted brains have had swimming around inside. With already 3 albums out, there is some Fatkid noise for all your angst days. The first album, From Dead to Dad, will drop you off at a Beastie Boys kickback with it’s head-banging worthy slosh and mellowed out bassline.

Second came Fatkid’s Bath Night where our angry friends sound like they just got grounded for the night. They grab a pencil and notepad to tear out their anger as they wait to sneak out once mom and dad fall asleep. As they wait, our writers sit on the roof and smoke a cigarette. Once the lights are out it’s a straight shot to scoop their chicks and do some moshing with the college dudes. Finally the album ends once Fatkid gets sick of the night and heads back home, leather jacket falling off and one shoe missing.

fatkid3.7_26When you find yourself searching for some gooped noise, probably after a nasty shift at the movies, stick in your Lunch cassette and crank it. The album will leave you half deaf and slightly pissed off at all the people who think your favorite crap noise isn’t real music. They just don’t get you, whatever…losers.

Fatkid is ridiculous, but totally wicked. Once you start listening you honestly cannot stop; the boys leave you grasping for more. Not to worry, with the rate they have been putting out albums there is sure to be another soon. Now beat it, nerd.


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